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Sai Ulluri
Hi, I'm Sai. I'm a data scientist, artist, and wildlife nerd.

A few things about me...

📚 I really value and enjoy continuous learning. 

🎓 I studied Economics and Management at Oxford. 

💻 I taught myself computer programming while working in London as a Research Analyst at an investment bank. We advised clients investing in Emerging Markets, and represented my team at the 2018 IMF/World Bank conferences in Washington D.C. 

🚀 I spent a year in the New Entrepreneur's Foundation's accelerator program to step into the world of tech and start-ups. This led me to completing an MBA with Quantic School of Business & Technology fully online and a 12-week Product Management programme with Cornell University.

🛫 In 2021, I moved to Berlin. Here, I work at WeShare, Volkswagen's 100% electric car-sharing startup making cities easier to get around and more green.

Current interests

🤖 I'm diving into the world of generative AI models. Here's a chatbot I built for visitors to to ask questions about me.

🐊 I'm also building an educational game about wildlife conservation for MacOS. Here's an early sneak peek!

My goals for 2023

✍🏽 Write more
🌐 Move to a new country
🎨 Build a business around my art & photography 
👋🏾 Meet more interesting people (let's have a chat? 📅)

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